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                           Sarah Son-Theroux was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, C.F.A.; the University of Pennsylvania, B.F.A; and Indiana University, M.F.A. She is also a registered nurse. A plein-air painter, she was granted a Fulbright to Estonia in 2007. She has taught at the Stony Brook School; Tabor Academy; and Portsmouth Abbey. A resident of West Barnstable, Massachusetts.

                             “I formally began landscape painting in the summer of 1991 in a painting class at the Pennsylvania Academy, studying with Louis Sloan. Now deceased, Sloan was a superb teacher for me. I well remember my first experiences confronting nature with a brush and paint. In those very early days, I did not even have an easel but was perfectly content to prop and balance myself, my palette, and my canvas wherever I found a view I wanted to paint. I found in a very real sense that going out in the world to paint represented a passage out of myself and offered bold new answers. It was stimulating to work in solitude, and I felt, like Wordsworth, a distinct spirituality in nature. I can say I honestly felt a Divine presence there. Nature, we know, is constantly changing yet always staying the same, charged with motion, permanent, forever moving, a state of beauty fresh and new, yet as old as time itself. As I painted, I carried on a special dialogue that told me secrets I discovered were all my own.”

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